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November 6, 2012
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Nov 6, 2012, 2:46:07 PM
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Plasmaphobia (draw to adopt entry) by D-hedgehogadoptables Plasmaphobia (draw to adopt entry) by D-hedgehogadoptables
Ok so maybe I lied about posting just adoptables but this one is an entry to =Taluns's Nightmaleon draw to adopt sheet ([link])
I don't own the character yet, so I'm crossing my fingers I win him <3
Sorry that the picture came a bit blurry but there's scales on his front paws FYI.
So what I'd call this guy is Soul or Plasma (since they're both things Plasmaphobia has :P)

So what he (yep I call almost all characters of mine a he) is like torturing lost souls of the Underworld and Overworld. At night his transparent parts where you can see his bones glow a teal blue at night. Soul can summon spirits to his aid in battle, or to help with his terrorizing of the dead and living... Even though he may seem tough he's actually very weak in the areas where his body is transparent.

Soul is a bit of a rebel, he doesn't do what others tell him to unless its one of the higher beings of the Underworld. He likes to play mind games on his enemies and fear them with dark memories of their past. He uses his phantom arms to grab enemies and throw the around or catch them while they run since he doesn't like running. He leaves dead prey for the lesser demons so he can catch them as well and them takes them. He can sometimes go invisible but its very painful and he can do it for very short amounts of time. His claws are very sharp because of his carnivorous appetite. His tail is actually another mouth, his real mouth is for chewing up the meat and his tail eats and digests the food like a mouth and stomach. Soul doesn't show emotions but he has feeling but has no desire to show them.

Fun facts about Soul:
- He prefers live prey instead of undead!
- He tries to eat his ribs sometimes because of he thinks they look good!
- He hides in a cave all day and comes out at night like a party animal!
- He doesn't gain weight!
- He eats bones to strengthen his bones!

Plasmaphobia (c) =Taluns but soon to be ~dragonhedgehog/~D-hedgehogadoptables
Taluns Nov 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow, I love the pose here, he looks so menacing >:0 And the way you drew his claws as semi-transparent and ghost-like is a really cool touch! Nice work~

You drew this pretty fast! :D Thanks a bunch for entering, and best of luck! c:
D-hedgehogadoptables Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks I'm glad you didn't mind the few changes~

And no problem~ I got my fingers crossed <3
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